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Licorice Speed Ropes (Set of 6)8 foot Licorice Speed Ropes
Licorice Speed Ropes (Set of 6)

• Licorice speed rope
• Contoured plastic handle
• Size: 7', 8', 9', 10' or 16' Long
• Handle: Color varies by lengths
• Rope Color: 1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple

These Licorice Speed Ropes are designed for speed jumping, and feature a molded plastic handle for an easy grip. These Licorice Ropes are incredibly fast, durable, and offer a great value. Set includes one each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple speed ropes with red handles.

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Olympia Agility LadderOlympia Agility Ladders
Olympia Agility Ladders

• Improves agility, coordination, foot speed and balance.
• 20" wide x 10', 20' or 30' long
• Adjustable Slats
• Foam rubber backing to reduce shifting and sliding
• 12 adjustable yellow rungs.
• Red nylon webbing.
• Storage handle and nylon carrying bag.

This agility ladder is the ultimate footwork training device. Improve foot quickness, agility, coordination and balance. Vary the position of the ladder to work linear and lateral movements and change of direction drills. 20" wide slats are adjustable and have a foam rubber backing to reduce shifting & sliding on hardwood floors. Cross slats lie flat to reduce chance of tripping. Stores quickly and neatly in carry bag.

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5 Sizes
Pro Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes (Set of 6)Pro Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes (Set of 6)
Pro Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes (Set of 6)

• Professional ball-bearing speed rope
• Custom contoured handle with licorice speed rope
• Sold in sets of six only (one of each color)
• 7', 8', 9', 10' or 16' long 
• Handle color varies by size

These ball bearing licorice speed ropes are built for serious fitness and speed training. They feature ball bearing handles that reduce drag and friction, and provide superior control and accurate cadence transfer. The contoured handles are color coded by size.

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Wilson EZ Tennis Net - 10 foot18 foot Wilson EZ Tennis Net
Wilson EZ Tennis Net

• Perfect for 10 and under players learning the game of tennis
• Easy setup and take down
• Approved for USTA 10 and Under Tennis
• Adjustable; raises to the height of a badminton net in seconds
• Can be used for depth drills
• Available in 10 ft and 18 ft models

This versatile 18' tennis net makes setting up a small tennis court a breeze. This also works great as a training tool for experienced players to do depth drills.

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