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Champion Sports Playground Balls6 inch Playground Ball
Champion Sports Playground Balls

• Champion Sports
• Nylon wound 2-Ply playground & kickball
• Available in 7 sizes
• Red

The Champion Sports Playground Ball can be used for so much more than kickball! These high bouncing 2-ply balls are nylon wound and feature an easy grip textured surface. This durable red playground ball is always a popular choice!

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Champion Sports Rhino Skin Super Special Ball - 10"
Champion Sports Rhino Skin Super Special Ball - 10"

• Champion Sports
• Rhino Skin® coating for exceptional tear-resistance
• Low bounce
• Low-density foam core and soft exterior to prevent injury
• 10" Diameter
• Ages 10+

Designed with the patented Rhino Skin® coating, the Champion Sports 10 Inch Rhino Skin® Super Special Foam Ball offers superior durability and tear-resistance. At 10" in diameter, this low bounce ball is larger than traditional dodgeballs and can be used for a variety of games and activities, making it a must-have addition to any Phys. Ed. class. The soft, low-density foam core ensures players will unlimited fun during intense games.

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Champion Sports Ultimate Rhino Poly Playground Balls (Set of 6)6 inch Ultimate Rhino Poly Playballs
Champion Sports Ultimate Rhino Poly Playground Balls (Set of 6)

• Champion Sports
• Rotational molded poly cover
• Duplicates the feel, texture and weight of traditional rubber playground balls
• Seamless design prevents shape distortion or air leakage
• Bladderless
• Available in 6 sizes
• Set of 6 (1 ea. Red, Orange, Yellow, Royal Blue, Green and Purple)

Take on a variety of playground games with the Rhino® Poly playground ball set. These balls are designed using a unique process of rotational molding, which allows us to recreate the feel, texture and weight of the best rubber playground balls on the market. This ultimate bladderless playground ball features a seamless design which prevents shape distortion or air leakage even if it's over inflated. The Rhino® Poly playground ball set offers ease of play and is an excellent choice for all age groups. Set of 6 (1 ea. Red, Orange, Yellow, Royal Blue, Green and Purple).

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Mikasa Playground Balls10 inch Mikasa Playground Ball
Mikasa Playground Balls

• Mikasa
• Durable laminated rubber
• Stipple finish
• Self-sealing valve
• Available in 3 sizes
• Red

This playground ball is created for long wear and rugged use. Durable laminated rubber. Stipple finish. Self-sealing valve. Available in 3 sizes.

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4 Sizes
Air-Flo Hockey Shin Guards - 8 inch10 inch Air-Flo Hockey Shin Guards
MYLEC Air-Flo Hockey Shin Guards

These Air-Flo® design pads feature a lightweight durable hard plastic shell in front with a mesh covered breathable waffle foam in back for ventilation and coolness. Also features additional padding in the knee and extended calf protection.

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Tachikara Playground Balls - 8.5 inch10 inch Tachikara Playground Balls
Tachikara Playground Balls

• Tachikara
•Soft resilient, highly visible. 2-ply construction.
•Two-Ply Rubber cover
•Butyl bladder
• 8.5" or 10" Diameter
• Yellow or Set of 6 colors

It's time for recess and you can count on our double layered rubber utility balls to get you through that crucial four square game year after year. All Tachikara utility balls are soft, resilient, highly visible, and triple protected against ozone and weathering. An anti-oxidant agent is added to our rubber compound to increase durability and prevent aging. 2-Ply construction molds two separate membranes together to insure shape while creating a solid, more responsive feel with superior air retention and performance. This playground ball is a staple no kid should be without! Soft resilient, highly visible. 2-ply construction. Two-Ply Rubber cover. Butyl bladder.

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Voit Playground Balls - 6 inch8.5 inch Voit Playground Ball
Voit Playground Balls

• Voit
• 2-ply rubber cover is
• Perfect for a wide range of low-impact activities, such as four square
• Textured design makes the ball simple to catch, grip and throw
• Plenty of bounce is ideal for various playground games
• Great for children working on ball-handling skills for more advanced sports
• Available in 6 in., 8.5 in., and 10 in. sizes
• The most widely used playground ball in the country!

Young athletes can join their friends for exciting games of four square, many low-impact activities and more with this Voit® Playground Ball. Perfect for recess, gym classes and backyard get-togethers, this playground ball has a 2-ply, textured rubber surface, making it easy for kids to catch, grip, throw and bounce the ball. This ball is a great way for little ones to learn the fundamentals of low-impact sports or practice ball-handling skills for other sports, such as basketball or soccer.

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