Champion Sports Deluxe Cage Ball

7 Sizes

Size: 18 inch
$36.95 Each


• Champion Sports
• Heavy-duty nylon cage ball cover
• Vinyl bladder included
• Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

The Champion Sports Deluxe Cage Ball stands as an exemplary choice for educators and recreational leaders seeking a robust and versatile play equipment. This ball distinguishes itself with a heavy-duty nylon cover designed to endure the most energetic games and activities, ensuring it remains a staple of physical education classes, camps, and backyard fun for years to come. Accompanied by a durable vinyl bladder that boasts superior air retention, this ball is crafted for long-lasting play without frequent reinflation. Its striking design, featuring stripes in Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow, not only adds a splash of color to any game but also aids in team identification and game dynamics. The multi-colored surface laces securely over the bladder, combining ease of maintenance with reliability. Available in seven sizes, the Champion Sports Cage Ball caters to all age groups and skill levels, offering a customizable option for various activities that promote physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork. This ball is more than just sports equipment; it's a catalyst for engaging and dynamic physical education experiences.

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