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Shield Outdoor Hockey Set - ABS Plastic - 36 inchShield Outdoor Hockey Set - ABS Plastic - 42 inch
Shield Outdoor Hockey Set

These outdoor sets offer a fun, safe and economical way to play hockey outdoors. Blades are designed for use on concrete and asphalt and are not recommended to be used on gymnasium floors. Choose from plastic, wood or aluminum shafts. All shafts are combined with  thick plastic reinforced outdoor blades that will keep this gear in play for years.

Each set includes: 12 sticks, 2 speed control balls and 1 instruction book.

Outdoor Plastic Hockey Sets
Affordable and long lasting, Shield’s ABS plastic shafts come with thick plastic reinforced blades! Available with 36" or 42" sticks,

Outdoor Wood Hockey Sets
Wood is tough and durable, and the traditional choice for sticks! Combines with our thick plastic reinforced blades! Available with 42" or 56" sticks.

Outdoor Aluminator® Hockey Sets
Lightweight and strong aluminum shaft combines with thick plastic reinforced blades for all sizes. Shaft has a slightly concave shape, just like the pro’s use. Available with 42", 47" or 56" sticks.

36” sticks = Elementary school
42” sticks = Middle School
47” & 56" sticks = High School & Collegiate

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2 Sizes & 5 Colors
Sonic Boom Flag BeltsSonic Boom Flag Belts
Sonic Boom Flag Belts

• Plastic, vinyl
• Set of twelve adjustable belts
• Featuring Flag-A-Tag® patented release system
• Emits an audible "pop" sound when properly disconnected
• Flag size: 17"L x 2"W
• 42" or 52" Belts
• Available in 5 colors

Get ready to "crank up" your flag football game with the Champion Sports Flag-A-Tag® Sonic Boom Flag Belts! Flag-A-Tag® patented release system causes sonic belts to emit an audible "boom" signaling that the play is dead. Recommended by the NFL for youth programs, they are portable, adjustable and durable. Great for ages 4 and up.

Limited availability due to high demand. 

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