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8.5" Rainbow Set of Tachikara Playground BallsTachikara Playground Balls
Tachikara Playground Balls

• Tachikara
•Soft resilient, highly visible. 2-ply construction.
•Two-Ply Rubber cover
•Butyl bladder
• 8.5" or 10" Diameter
• 6 colors

It's time for recess and you can count on our double layered rubber utility balls to get you through that crucial four square game year after year. All Tachikara utility balls are soft, resilient, highly visible, and triple protected against ozone and weathering. An anti-oxidant agent is added to our rubber compound to increase durability and prevent aging. 2-Ply construction molds two separate membranes together to insure shape while creating a solid, more responsive feel with superior air retention and performance. This playground ball is a staple no kid should be without! Soft resilient, highly visible. 2-ply construction. Two-Ply Rubber cover. Butyl bladder.

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