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Kinection Pinnies (6 Red & 6 Blue)Kinection Pinnies (6 Red & 6 Blue)
Kinection Pinnies (6 Red & 6 Blue)

• Special sewn-on "Stick on Spot" on both the front and back
• Connect pinnies using the 36" Kinection Strap or 12" Grab Straps
• Adds cooperative elements to games and activities.
• 6 blue pinnies
• 6 red pinnies
• 12 - 36" x 1" nylon Kinection Straps
• 24 - 12" x 1" nylon grab straps
• 1 curriculum/Activity booklet with 8 activities

Developed by Dr. Curt Hinson, Kinection Pinnnies allow players to connect to each other adding cooperative elements to tag games and other activities. Set includes 12 pinnies (with sewn-on Velcro spots on both front and back), 12 Kinection Straps (36"), 24 Grab Straps (12"), and a comprehensive activity guide which includes 8 activities. Set includes: 6 blue pinnies, 6 red pinnies, 12 - 36" x 1" nylon Kinection Straps, and 24 - 12" x 1" nylon grab straps.

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Large Kwik Goal Player GlovesKwik Goal Player Gloves
Kwik Goal Player Gloves

When the temperatures drop but the intense game schedule doesn’t slow down - these gloves are a great item for field players both for warmth and functionality. These Classic Player Gloves feature unique grips on the interior of the glove that enhance a player’s grip for throw-in’s. Material: 95% knit acrylic and 5% Spandex. Sizes S, M, L.

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Precision-Grip Nitrile Exam Gloves
Precision-Grip Nitrile Exam Gloves

The Precision-Grip Nitrile Exam Gloves are some of our best sellers. The LATEX-FREE gloves are the ideal choice for medical and laboratory use as well as industries where hand protection is required. Strong, yet soft and flexible, these gloves are comfortable for extended wear purposes. They offer unsurpassed tactile sensitivity, dexterity, flexibility and tensile strength in both wet and dry environments. Powder Free, with a beaded cuff for easy donning. Ambidextrous gloves are nine inches in length with micro-textured fingers for secure wet/dry handling. Applications: Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Industrial, Safety. 100 Gloves per box.

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