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FOX 40 Protective Whistle PouchFOX 40 Protective Whistle Pouch
FOX 40 Protective Whistle Pouch

The Fox 40® Protective Pouch is designed to protect the user and others in close proximity from droplets, while still maximizing sound power. Manufactured using 100% moisture resistant polyester fabric, it seals around the Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG®) of your Fox 40® whistle so it will not block the chambers. The Pouch is best used with a Fox 40® Classic® CMG® whistle. Whistle not included.

Pouch requires a CMG® style whistle to hold the pouch in place. Output is reduced by only 1.5 dB, indistinct to the human ear.

Includes an elastic loop to connect your lanyard. Can also be used as handheld.

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Chinese Jumprope DVD
Chinese Jumprope DVD

• Video demonstrates eleven fun easy to learn games
• 28 minutes

Chinese jump rope, also known as Chinese ropes, jumpsies, elastics, yoki, French skipping, American ropes/Chinese ropes, gummitwist, and Chinese garter in the Philippines is a children's game resembling hopscotch and jump rope.

The challenging game is a very popular worldwide, and helps build coordination, endurance and agility DVD features 11 fun and easy games.

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