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Starter's Sleeve - Yellow
Starter's Sleeve - Yellow

Sleeve is a valuable addition to your track equipment at a low-budget price. Allows everybody to easily see the starter's raised arm. Made of durable nylon vinyl to assure a lifetime of hard use. Bright sun yellow color offers greatest visibility.

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$9.95 Each
LCS Leather Pistol Holder
LCS Leather Pistol Holder

The LCS Better Leather Pistol Holster is a high quality leather holster at a low price. Fits all of our starter pistols and can even be used with a standard revolver. Constructed with sturdy cowhide harness leather and brass hardware for years of use. Use the belt loop of the holster to wear at your right hip, then snap your pistol into place with the security strap.

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JEX 202 Starting Pistol
JEX 202 Starting Pistol

The JEX 202 starting pistol is safe and easy to use. It features a double zinc alloy hammer to fire the starting shot and a quick second shot for false starts if required. This starting pistol is ideal for athletics events, swimming galas and more. The JEX 202 starting pistol should only be used with JEX starting pistol caps - NOT INCLUDED.

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$22.95 Each $30 Each
Ultrak Electronic Starter with Amp
Ultrak Electronic Starter with Amp

• Shaped like a wand, removing gun shapes out of schools
• Connectable to louder portable amp
• Bright strobe light with additional bulb flashes with starting sound
• Three different starting tones: gun fire, beep and whistle
• Compatible with FinishLynx with additional starting cable (sold separately)
• Electronic starter is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
• Portable amp, can be used as a microphone or loud speaker
• Amp produces sound up to 90 dB to 15 feet with volume control
• Amp includes rechargeable lithium battery
• 8 hours of use when fully charged
• One-year warranty

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$299.00 Each