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Robic SC500E Event Timer
Robic SC500E Event Timer

Robic SC-500E Stopwatch features 1/100 second resolution to 10 hours, audible beep confirmation with color-coded push buttons and is perfect for those events requiring basic timing. Timer is easy to use with one-step timing for all events; start, stop, reset operations. CR-2032 battery and breakaway lanyard included.

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EKHO K-250 Stopwatch
EKHO K-250 Stopwatch

• Professional-quality performance
• Swivel lanyard attachment
• Electroluminescent display
• Sensitive micro-touch response for critical event timing
• 30 laps & Split memory with 1 /100 sec. Precision
• 3-Line display
• Fastest lap & Slowest lap calculation
• Countdown timer
• Pacer function with selectable pace interval
• Calendar & Time display (12/24 Hour format)
• Daily alarm
• Water resistance construction
• 3.0V Lithium battery

The EKHO K-250 Stopwatch has professional quality performance designed with one thing in mind: Your Convenience. With electroluminescent display and sensitive micro-touch response for critical event timing, it’s never been easier to get the right time. 1/100 second precision timer with 30 lap counter & split memory. Features: fastest lap and slowest lap calculation, countdown timer, pacer function with selectable pace interval, daily alarm and hourly chime. The 2-Line digital display shows the day of the week and the time in 12- and 24-hour formats. Powered by a replaceable battery that can easily be changed out by the user. Timer function offers precision readings to 1/100th of a second as well as a lap counter, daily alarm and hourly chime. Water-resistant can be submerged in up to 100 ft. of water, so there’s no need to worry when you’re by the pool timing swimmers.

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Ultrak 100 Memory StopwatchUltrak 100 Memory Stopwatch - Yellow
Ultrak 100 Memory Stopwatch

• 100 Lap Memory
• Lap and cum splits
• 100 dual split recallable memory
• Continuous display of event time
• Memory recall during operation
• Large 3 row display
• Measures to 10 hours
• Stroke/frequency
• Water resistant
• Color: Black or Yellow

100 Lap Memory. Lap and cum splits. 100 dual split recallable memory. Continuous display of event time. Memory recall during operation. Large 3 row display. Measures to 10 hours. Stroke/frequency. Water resistant.

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Gymboss Interval Timer
Gymboss Interval Timer

The Gymboss interval timer will give your workout the discipline and structure necessary to take your workout to the next level. This easy to use timer will allow you to control intensity and allow you to focus on the workout to get the best results possible! Auto repeats no need to keep setting time will continue intervals automatically. Muscle strength, size, & endurance. Beep and/or Vibrate alarm. Alarm duration 1, 5, or 10 seconds. Fat loss. Anaerobic endurance. Cardio endurance. Increased VO2max. 1 or 2 intervals 2 seconds to 99 minutes. Repeat up to 99 times. Stopwatch function. Secure Belt clip. 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 1/2". Water and shock resistant. AAA" battery required.

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$21.50 Each
ACCUSPLIT 100 Memory Stopwatch
ACCUSPLIT 100 Memory Stopwatch

Accusplit's most popular stopwatch. 100 memories, 3-line display, dual split, fastest and slowest lap and average speed, as well as the 20 hour repeat countdown timer and 1, 2 fast finish features. Available in black and yellow. includes 100+ memory stopwatch, lanyard and battery.

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$39.95 Each
Robic Silver 60 Stopwatch
Robic Silver 60 Stopwatch

A professional quality Stopwatch with 60 Dual Memory, Countdown Timer and Temperature Monitor. THE BEST CHOICE FOR THE SERIOUS AND ACTIVE STOPWATCH USER, SEEKING OUTSTANDING VALUE 60 Dual Memory Stopwatch-First 60 readings User Selectable Lap or Cum Split Timing on the top row Lap Counter to 199 readings Memory recall up or down-accessible during stopwatch operation-separate mode Countdown Timer with 1/100 second resolution Preset times up to 10 hours for Countdown Temperature Display in Fahrenheit or Celsius 1/100 second resolution up to 10 hours. 7 second Amber Backlight, on demand Water Resistant to 30 meters. Time of day, alarm, calendar. Lanyard included. One year factory warranty; Lithium battery CR-2032

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$27.95 Each
Ultrak 320 Economy TimersUltrak 320 Economy Timer - Black
Ultrak 320 Economy Timer

Display of cum splits and has a large display. Measures up to 24 hours. Available in black and as a set of six vibrant translucent colors - purple, blue, red, orange, green and yellow. Features include: Time and calendar, Alarm and chime. Three-year warranty. Includes Lanyard.

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Ultrak 460 16 Memory StopwatchesUltrak 460 16 Memory Stopwatch - Black
Ultrak 460 16 Memory Stopwatches

The Ultrak 460 is a versatile stopwatch with features ideal for most coaches yet is ideal for students and volunteers because of its ease of use. With 16 memory, users can choose to view either the lap split or cumulative split after each reading. Each reading will be held on the display for 10 seconds when the automatic split release returns the display to the running event time. Users can recall up to 16 splits both during and after event. Measures to 100 hours with 1/1000 second resolution. Lap counter to 99. Extra-large display. Lithium battery (CR2032). Water resistant. Five-year warranty. Includes lanyard. Available in black or in a set of 6 colors (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple).

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ACCUSPLIT Survivor II StopwatchesACCUSPLIT Survivor II Stopwatches
ACCUSPLIT Survivor II Stopwatches

• Cumulative split only
• Split release action
• Timing range 24 hours
• Micro Switches
• Magnum XL Displays
• 5 Year battery life (CR2032)
• Breakaway Safety Lanyards
• 1, 2 Fast Finish
• Start / Stop
• Event / Timeout
• Timing interval (1/100 sec to 40 min)
• Shock resistance and Water resistance to 30m / 100 ft
• Includes the Time, Date, Day of Week, and Alarm
• Available in 5 colors or a set of 6 rainbow colors

Cumulative split only. Split release action. Timing range: 24 hours. Micro Switches. Magnum XL Displays. 5 Year battery life. Breakaway safety lanyards. 1, 2 Fast finish. Start/Stop. Event/Timeout. Timing interval (1/100 sec to 40 min). Water resistance to 30m/100 ft. Shock resistance. Includes the Time, Date, Day of Week, and Alarm.

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A601X Pro Survivor StopwatchesBlack A601X Pro Survivor Stopwatch
A601X Pro Survivor Stopwatches

A601X Pro Survivor Stopwatches are the best value PE Stopwatch on the market.

• Features: Cumulative Split & Event Timing, 1, 2 Fast finish, 1/100 sec to 40 min Timing Interval, 24 hr timing range, Time and Date functions.

• Encased in ACCUSPLIT's Exclusive "X" Performance case.
• The "X" Performance cases are Rugged, Shock and Water resistant.
• Special Million Cycle Switches that operate cleanly, precisely, and reliably.
• Ergonomic design immediately recognizable to anyone involved in Elite sports.
• Magnum XL digits for easy viewing.
• Breakaway Safety Lanyard
• 5 year battery life.
• 5 year Dual, No Proof and Proof of purchase limited warranty.
• Available in 5 colors or a set of 7 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple and black)
• Package includes Lanyard, Battery and Instructions.

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ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches - Black - ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches
ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches

• No fail-million cycle button
• Heavy-duty, durable ACCUSPLIT case
• 2 Line display with cum and lap splits
• Dedicated Professional Stopwatch
• 16 Dual Split Memory
• 10 hour timing range. 1/100 resolution
• Level of accuracy: +/- 0.01 sec/hour
• 5 Year lithium battery
• 5 Year, No Proof of Purchase, Limited Warranty
• Available in 7 colors or a set of 6 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple)

No fail-million cycle button. Heavy-duty, durable ACCUSPLIT case. 2 Line display with cum and lap splits. Dedicated Professional Stopwatch. 16 Dual Split Memory. 10 hour timing range. 1/100 resolution. Level of accuracy: +/- 0.01 sec/hour. 5 Year lithium battery. 5 Year, No Proof of Purchase, Limited Warranty.

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