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Ultrak 330 StopwatchesBlack Ultrak 330 Stopwatch
Ultrak 330 Stopwatch

• New case with huge 1/2 inch digits
• Display of cum splits
• Measures up to 24 hours
• 3 vivid colors - black, red and yellow
• Ergonomic design; Crisp button action
• Time and calendar
• Water resistant
• Alarm
• Three-year warranty
• Includes Lanyard

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OSLO 1000W Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer
OSLO 1000W Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer

The best choice for reliability at the most economical price. Combines a multi-mode stopwatch with an easy-to-use countdown timer. A full 10 hour stopwatch and countdown timer precise to 1/100 second. 20 times more powerful than other brands. The Oslo 1000W offers thoughtful design features and high quality construction. Extra large digital display, soft rubberized pushbuttons and side grips make the 1000W a pleasure to hold and operate for anyone. This level of design detail surpasses all other product in the category.

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$18.95 Each
Ultrak 340 Basic Timer
Ultrak 340 Basic Timer

Display of cum splits. Measures to 24 hours. Large numerical display. Time calendar and alarm. Water resistant.

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$19.50 Each
Robic Silver 2.0 Stopwatch
Robic Silver 2.0 Stopwatch

Full function stopwatch with 1/100 second precision. Times single events. Unlimited split readings. Recalls two finish times. 24 hour timing capacity. Countdown timer shows time remaining: counts up at completion. Countdown timer range from 1 second to 10 hours. Extra large display.

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Accusplit S3E Event Timer
Accusplit S3E Event Timer

• Event Start & Stop
• Time-Out
• Battery life of 1.5 years
• Water resistant
• Magnum LC Disaplay
• Comes with Lanyard, Battery and Instructions

A Simple, Dedicated Stopwatch Circuit Especially for Lane and Place Timing at a great low price. Event Start & Stop. Time-Out. Battery life of 1.5 years. Water resistant. Magnum LC Disaplay. Comes with Lanyard, Battery and Instructions.

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$14.50 Each $15.95 Each
Robic SC-502 Countdown Timer
Robic SC-502 Countdown Timer

• Set to count down from 1 second to 100 minutes
• Time out/pause function can start and restart the timer
• Instantly resets to your pre-selected countdown time
• Audible completion alarm

Countdown timer with alarm. Easiest to use. Dedicated countdown timer. Set times from 1 second to 100 minutes. Extra loud alarm signal. Large digital display. Time out (pause) timing. One touch memory reset allows the same countdown timing period to easily be repeated. Long life battery. One year warranty.

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$16.95 Each
Ultrak 310 Event TimersUltrak 310 Event Timer
Ultrak 310 Event Timer

The Ultrak 310 is a simple event timer that is ideal for students, volunteers and other occasional timers! All other entry-level stopwatches include a mode that takes users out of the stopwatch function and into time, date, alarm, etc. This has the potential for throwing those who seldom use a stopwatch for a loop, particularly event volunteers. The 310 was built specifically for infrequent timers like volunteers and students. Features include start/stop and reset. Measures to 10 hours. Includes lanyard.

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Ultrak 320 Economy TimersUltrak 320 Economy Timer - Black
Ultrak 320 Economy Timer

Display of cum splits and has a large display. Measures up to 24 hours. Available in black and as a set of six vibrant translucent colors - purple, blue, red, orange, green and yellow. Features include: Time and calendar, Alarm and chime. Three-year warranty. Includes Lanyard.

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ACCUSPLIT Survivor II StopwatchesACCUSPLIT Survivor II Stopwatches
ACCUSPLIT Survivor II Stopwatches

• Cumulative split only
• Split release action
• Timing range 24 hours
• Micro Switches
• Magnum XL Displays
• 5 Year battery life (CR2032)
• Breakaway Safety Lanyards
• 1, 2 Fast Finish
• Start / Stop
• Event / Timeout
• Timing interval (1/100 sec to 40 min)
• Shock resistance and Water resistance to 30m / 100 ft
• Includes the Time, Date, Day of Week, and Alarm
• Available in 5 colors or a set of 6 rainbow colors

Cumulative split only. Split release action. Timing range: 24 hours. Micro Switches. Magnum XL Displays. 5 Year battery life. Breakaway safety lanyards. 1, 2 Fast finish. Start/Stop. Event/Timeout. Timing interval (1/100 sec to 40 min). Water resistance to 30m/100 ft. Shock resistance. Includes the Time, Date, Day of Week, and Alarm.

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A601X Pro Survivor StopwatchesBlack A601X Pro Survivor Stopwatch
A601X Pro Survivor Stopwatches

A601X Pro Survivor Stopwatches are the best value PE Stopwatch on the market.

• Features: Cumulative Split & Event Timing, 1, 2 Fast finish, 1/100 sec to 40 min Timing Interval, 24 hr timing range, Time and Date functions.

• Encased in ACCUSPLIT's Exclusive "X" Performance case.
• The "X" Performance cases are Rugged, Shock and Water resistant.
• Special Million Cycle Switches that operate cleanly, precisely, and reliably.
• Ergonomic design immediately recognizable to anyone involved in Elite sports.
• Magnum XL digits for easy viewing.
• Breakaway Safety Lanyard
• 5 year battery life.
• 5 year Dual, No Proof and Proof of purchase limited warranty.
• Available in 5 colors or a set of 7 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple and black)
• Package includes Lanyard, Battery and Instructions.

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Accusplit Survivor Stopwatch - GreenBlack Accusplit Survivor Stopwatch
Accusplit Survivor Stopwatches

• 1/100th second chronograph
• Split lap time
• 1-2 fast finish
• Hour, minutes, seconds display
• Day of the week, date, month display
• Event/Time-out

1/100th second chronograph. Split lap time, 1-2 fast finish, hour, minutes, seconds display. Day of the week, date, month display. Event/Time-out. Available in a variety of colors.

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Dual Timer
Dual Timer

Counts up or counts down. Take it anywhere for any timed event. Field, court, classroom, kitchen or lab use. Loud alarm signal at zero. Extra large display for easy viewing. One touch memory reset, easy to use. Time out (pause) timing. Handheld, tabletop, clip-on or wall magnet. One year warranty. Battery type AAA.

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$18.95 Each
Seiko s950c Thermal Paper - 5 Rolls
Seiko s950c Thermal Paper - 5 Rolls

• Seiko S950 thermal paper
• For use with Seiko 300 Memory Stopwatch/Printer (TL050P).Thermal paper for
• 5 rolls per box
• Each roll is 80 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and prints 520 lines

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$12.50 Pack