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Coated Swing Chain - 5 1/2 feetRed 5.5' Coated Swing Chain
Coated Swing Chain

5 1/2 ft. or 8 1/2" lengths of our 3/16" chain are coated with 4 foot of bright polymer material sure to brighten up any swing set. This is 3/16" chain that is 4/O Aught and Grade 30. The links are 1" long and the opening is 1/2" wide.

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Swing ChainSwing Chain
Swing Chain

Our swing chains have a smooth zinc finish.

5/16" Short Link Chain
The 5/16" chain has very short links to deter small children from putting their fingers in the links and injuring themselves if they fall off the swing. In Germany and the Netherlands this type of chain is required on playground equipment. National test lab results 5000 lb.. Sold per foot.

3/16″ Chain
Our 3/16″ Trivalent chain is zinc plate chain with trivalent coating that has a much improved resistance to salt spray. This chain meets all ASTM requirements. The coating has a consistent bright finish. This chain would be good in coastal areas. The chain is 4/0 Aught and Grade 30. The links are 1” long and the opening is ½” wide. Any of our S-hooks or Shackles will work with this chain. This product should last 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions. Some conditions may require replacement sooner. Tensile 3200 lbs.. Sold per foot.

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