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Magnesium Softball Fielder's MaskMagnesium Softball Fielder's Mask
Magnesium Softball Fielder's Mask

• Open design offers a wide field of vision
• Adjustable harness with ponytail opening
• Removable liner
• Adult 6.75"-7.5"
• Removable harness included
• Black

The Champion Sports magnesium softball fielder's mask is the lightest obtainable mask on the market. Weighing in at 8 oz, it is 30% lighter than any available mask and its molded magnesium frame provides enhanced strength while still maintaining its light weight. The narrower design stays close to the face and the maximum sightlines allow for a wider field of vision. This high-impact frame is unbeatable.

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$60.95 Each
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Double Knee Leg Guards w/ Wings - Ages 9-12Double Knee Leg Guards w/ Wings - Ages 9-12
Double Knee Leg Guards w/ Wings - Ages 9-12

• Double knee protects against impacts
• Contoured wraparound shin padding for extra protection
• Sized for youth 9-12 years of age
• Full wings cover sides of legs securely
• 13" Long
• Black

Designed to protect youth players aged 9 to 12 against foul balls and wild pitches, these Double Knee Baseball Leg Guards feature full wings to hold them securely in place. The baseball shin guards have tough, padded double knees that absorb even the hardest impacts and contoured wraparound shin padding for superior comfort and protection.

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$66.95 Pair
Pro Model Adult Chest Protector
Pro Model Adult Chest Protector

• Made of lightweight multi-layered low rebound foam
• Breathable Lycra® cover material helps to keep wearer cool and dry
• Removable shoulder cap with collar bone pad
• encased sternum plate helps to deaden balls on impact
• 17" Long
• Black

Made from a multi-layered low rebound foam, the Pro Model Adult Chest Protector is great for keeping players aged 16 to 18 feeling safe and comfortable when high speed pitches are tearing through the air. The foam is incredibly lightweight and flexible, and is covered with a breathable Lycra® material to prevent overheating when the sun is beating down on the diamond. The chest protector boasts an encased sternum plate to help deaden balls on impact, and it has a removable shoulder cap with a collarbone pad for additional safety.

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$71.95 Each
Made in the USA
Poly Home Bases - Set of 6
Poly Home Bases - Set of 6

• Rugged, heavy-duty vinyl throw-down 16" home bases
• Great indoors or outdoors
• Lightweight yet virtually indestructible
• Set of six (1 each of yellow, blue, green, red, orange, and purple)

Set of six 16" poly home bases. Includes one of each color.

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$53.95 Set
Youth League Step-Down Pitcher's Rubber
Youth League Step-Down Pitcher's Rubber

• Youth League
• 4-Way pitcher's box for increased durability
• Step down pitcher's rubber for increased stability
• Heavy-duty rubber designed for use in outdoor weather conditions
• Rubber stopper reduces damage to pitcher's mound, minimizing maintenance
• White

Increase the pitcher's footing and stability with the Youth League Step Down Pitching Rubber. A perfect addition to any baseball diamond, this youth pitching rubber features a heavy-duty rubber stopper that reduces damage to the pitching mound, minimizing maintenance. As well, the youth size is great for young players learning to pitch.

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$50.95 Each