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Made in the USA
All Metal Shot Toe Board
All Metal Shot Toe Board

• All steel construction
• Radiating lines make measuring easier
• Meets all NFHS and IAAF rules and regulations
• Made in the USA
• 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

This All Metal Shot Toe Board cannot warp, split or deteriorate in weather. Radiating lines speed up accurate measurement.

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$289.00 Each
Poly Shot Toe BoardPoly Shot Toe Board inset pic
Poly Shot Toe Board

• Redesigned with LLDPE polyethylene and UV stabilizer for maximum durability
• Eliminates the potential for rusting common in metal boards
• Solid construction prevents chipping and cracking
• Made from polyethylene

This board is designed to last a lifetime and meets all official specifications. With this board, you eliminate the problems of rusting that metal boards have and its solid construction eliminates chipping and cracking that you can experience with wood or fiberglass boards. Has predrilled holes for attaching to shot platforms. Spikes not included.

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$387.00 Each