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Made in the USA
24" x 12" Golf Driving & Chipping Mat24" x 12" Golf Driving & Chipping Mat
24" x 12" Golf Driving & Chipping Mat

• Golf Driving & Chipping Mat
• Strengthen your drive, improve your long irons and chips.
• Skid resistant foam backing
• Thick simulated grass for fairway shots.
• Rubber tee for drives.
• Can be used indoors or out.

Golf Driving & Chipping Mat. Strengthen your drive, improve your long irons and chips. Skid resistant foam backing. Thick simulated grass for fairway shots. Rubber tee for drives. Can be used indoors or out.

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3 in 1 Soccer Training Goal3 in 1 Soccer Training Goal
3 in 1 Soccer Training Goal

• Soccer goal, rebounder, and target all-in-one make it perfect for working on soccer skills
• Heavy-duty, weather-resistant 1.25" powder-coated 6' x 4' frame
• Easy-push button assembly for a quick and convenient set-up of frame
• 4'x4' Polyethylene net with self stick hanging loops for easy assembly
• Includes: bungee cord, rebounder, and targets for multiple uses
• Adjustable clamps for multiple rebound angles
• 6' x 3' x 4'

Great for practicing accuracy, rebound control, and in-game use, the Champion Sports 3-in-1 Soccer Training Goal can be used as a soccer goal, soccer target or soccer rebounder to help improve skills as a team or alone. With easy push button set up of the heavy duty steel frame, a net, rebounder, bungee cord and target all included, drills can be started quicker on the field or in the backyard.

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Made in the USA
Adjustable Line Split Strip - Yellow/Black
Adjustable Line Split Strip - Yellow/Black

Easily drills backs in the exact spacing of linemen. Ideal for individual back drills. Meets your needs for ever changing line spacing or because of new offensive and defensive formations and changes in your personnel. Made of durable nylon-reinforced vinyl for long life. Weighted to prevent movement. Large 9" easy to read letters. 10" wide, 37' long. Includes storage bag.

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$129.00 Set
All-Play Sports Net
All-Play Sports Net

• Materials: Nylon
• Dimensions: Opens to 8 x 10 feet
• Use for soccer, tee ball, golf and other sports
• Shock-corded fiberglass poles
• Protective sides to stop wide shots

The All Play sports net is the ideal outdoor practice net for any golf lover. It is user friendly as you can set up this golf net very effortlessly right outside in your backyard. You can practice your swing, control over the ball, speed and target with the practice net. It is convenient and easy use and to store away this outdoor golf practice net. Features: Extra large net; Easy set-up;  Use indoors or outdoors; Portable Shock corded support poles. Use for driving or chipping practice. Opens to 8x10 feet.

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$89.95 Each
Made in the USA
Batting Stance Trainer
Batting Stance Trainer

The Batting Stance Trainer is placed beside the batting plate to train young batters how to properly position their feet, and the proper step forward position during batting. The durable rubber mat shows 3 different foot positions for different age groups. For both left and right handed batters.

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$62.50 Each
Chip-In TargetChip-In Target
Chip-In Target

• Multi purpose target hoop
• Powder coated steel construction
• Pivots for practicing
• Assembly required
• White/Blue

This chipping target is 18" in diameter and the face adjusts to any angle to make shots easy or more difficult. Improve your short game with this "Chip In" golf target - use indoors or out - for any number of students.

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Curved Body Shield for BasketballCurved Body Shield for Basketball
Curved Body Shield for Basketball

• 24"L x 16"W x 4"D
• Heavy-duty vinyl covered foam
• Weighs 3 lbs.
• Training aid for play in the post
• Available in Black & Royal Blue

Fisher's curved body shield is an excellent training aid that teaches players to play with contact without risking injury during practice. Players can hold while setting picks or screens and while performing other contact drills. Available in Black & Royal Blue.

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Deluxe Playback
Deluxe Playback

Features adjustable upper bracket for increased training options. Heavy duty weatherized netting. Speedy assembly-to tools required. Perfect for all skill levels. Includes playback training video. Drills with Dusty Baker and Sheila Cornell 72" H x 42" W.

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$89 Each $99 Each
2 Sizes
Dribble Gloves Dribble Gloves
Dribble Gloves

• Training aid helps dribbling, passing, catching & shooting
• Button in palm forces proper touch
• Washable leather construction with nylon stitching
• Velcro fasteners for adjustments
• Sold in pairs

The KBA basketball ball handling dribble gloves help teach proper dribbling, passing, catching and shooting techniques. A button in the palm forces proper touch in developing ball handling skills. The button will also cause mishandling of the ball if not controlled in the proper hand and fingertip control areas. The gloves are constructed from tough washable leather with nylon stitching and features Velcro fasteners for adjustment.

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$26.95 Pair
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Elite Throw & Field Trainer
Elite Throw & Field Trainer

Train like a champion with the ultimate in training screens—the Champion Sports Elite Throw and Field Trainer. Made from professional quality materials that will stand up to even the roughest training sessions, the screen features adjustable legs for creating multiple angles of return, a high visibility strike zone, and a bungee cord system for easy assembly. 48"W x 68"H.

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$49.99 Each $59.99 Each
4 Sizes & 7 ColorsMade in the USA
Pink Spotting & Training BeltTeal Spotting & Training Belt
Gymnastics Spotting & Training Belts

• A 640D nylon belt over a foam rubber case and covered with 640D nylon-polyester
• The lines have hooks for easy holding and control of the gymnast
• Heavy-weight D-rings and swivel clips make it easy to aid young gymnasts
• A must for spotting and a must for teaching gymnastics
• Nylon guide lines on each side are 5 feet long with grip loops
• Available in 4 Sizes
• Available in 7 colors

A 640D nylon belt over a foam rubber case and covered with 640D nylon-polyester. The lines have hooks for easy holding and control of the gymnast. Heavy-weight D-rings and swivel clips make it easy to assert and aid gymnastic activities. A must for spotting and a must for teaching. Nylon guide lines on each side are 5 feet long with grip loops.

NOTE: These belts are not to be hung or attached to ceiling or above apparatus. Belts must be used with protective padding. All activities using these belts must be strictly controlled and supervised by qualified adult instructors. Belts are intended for floor spotting and low beginner beam spotting, not higher spotting. Weight limit of 150 pounds.

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Heads-Up Dribble Aid
Heads-Up Dribble Aid

• Increases court vision: Forces player to handle the ball with his or her head up
• Creates confidence through better court awareness
• Made with lightweight pliable plastic that fits close to the face for comfort
• Can also be used for sports training besides basketball

Fits close to the face for comfortable fit and blocks all downward vision from the basketball. Teaches you to look down the court without looking at the ball while dribbling. Helps develop fundamental skills of ball handling and will increase each player's court awareness. Will not interfere in shooting the basketball.

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$7.95 Each
High Stepper Agility Trainer
High Stepper Agility Trainer

Designed for building foot speed and agility. Powder coated steel tube frame with suspended rope running grid. Adjust to five different heights to increase leg lift. Designed for quick assembly and safety with tubing frame outside the running grid. 20" L x 6" W. 45 lbs.

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$308.00 Each
3 Sizes
Jump Soles
Jump Soles

• Versatile high-density rubber platforms
• Stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles
• Develops muscle resiliency vital to explosive leg power
• Run faster, jump higher and change direction quicker
• Simple hook and loop strap on
• Includes detailed training manual and video

Jumpsoles are the world's most popular plyometrics frontal training platforms which attach to your own shoes. By training with Jumpsoles you will build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg. Jumpsoles will increase vertical jump 5 to 10 inches, and decrease time in the 40 yd dash by .2 seconds.

Versatile high-density rubber platforms work to stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Developing muscle resiliency in the area is vital to explosive leg power. Jump Soles will blast your lower legs like nothing else you've ever tried. After training with Jump Soles, you'll run faster, jump higher and change direction quicker. Simple hook and loop strap on. Also includes detailed training manual and video.

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$159.95 Pair
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Kick-Out Basketball TrainerKick-Out Basketball Trainer
Kick-Out Basketball Trainer

• Rotating chute returns made shots anywhere on the court
• Quick and easy assembly
• Easy twist-adjustment with integrated handle
• Built to last through multiple seasons of use

Pure shooting is making its return - at least it is with the Kick-Out. Featuring a 360-degree chute that returns made shots anywhere on the court, the Kick-Out clips directly onto the hoop quickly and easily. It’s the ultimate make-it and take-it ball return for building better shooters.

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Kwik Goal Coaching SticksKwik Goal Coaching Sticks
Kwik Goal Coaching Sticks

• High-impact plastic construction
• Round steel base with ground peg
• 60 inch height
• Natural-surface friendly

Kwik Goal’s Coaching Sticks are a piece of training equipment that every player, no matter their level, can benefit from. These Coaching Sticks are designed to help increase player’s foot speed, basic ball control skills, reaction time, overall agility and much more. These sticks are secured into the ground using a natural-surface only ground peg and can be arranged in a variety of ways dependent upon the specific training drills. Set includes 6 coaching sticks.

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$104 Set $119 Set
Made in the USA
Line Split Strip - Yellow/Black
Line Split Strip - Yellow/Black

Practice aid for backfield timing and line work. Marked positions so backs can hit the holes without linemen. Also great for line drills. Backside is blank for custom spacing. Weighted at intervals to STAY IN PLACE. Made of tough Nylon Vinyl. Large 9" easy to read letters. 10" wide, 37' long. Includes storage bag.Made in the USA.

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$79.95 Each
Multi-Sport Pitch Back Screen (42"W x 72"H)Multi-Sport Pitch Back Screen Alternate Position
Multi-Sport Pitch Back Screen (42"W x 72"H)

• Large heavy-duty 42"x 72" net rotates to different angles to assist with drills
• Great for a wide variety of sports
• 1 1/4" Diameter powder-coated steel frame provides impressive durability
• Rotates to different angles for ground balls, line drives and pop flies
• Also can be used for soccer or basketballs
• Quick and easy assembly and adjustment for more time playing
• Tough blue nylon netting stands up to hard shots, even with basketballs

Great for schools, parks and backyards, this  42" x 72" Multi-Sport Pitch Back Screen is a versatile training tool for a variety of sports. The practice screen rotates to different angles to help athletes practice kicking, batting catching and throwing, all with the same piece of equipment. The multi-sport pitch back screen is made with a tough steel frame and durable nylon netting that can endure even the most intense hits with ease, and it has a square target in the middle to help improve accuracy.

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$99.95 Each
Pop-Up Chipping NetPop-Up Chipping Net
Pop-Up Chipping Net

• Improves your chipping game
• 24 inch diameter hoop
• Unique pop-up construction
• Folds neatly for easy storage
• For indoor/outdoor use take anywhere
• Twist to collapse; compact & ready to store
• Easily pops up in seconds! .

Improves your chipping game. 24 inch diameter hoop. Unique pop-up construction. Folds neatly for easy storage. For indoor/outdoor use take anywhere. Twist to collapse; compact & ready to store. Easily pops up in seconds!

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$22.50 Each
PuttOut Pressure Putt TrainerPuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer
PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

• Made from premium elastomer and translucent polycarbonate 
• Provides instant feedback according to the quality of your strike
• Foldable design. You can fold and fit it easily into your golf bag 
• Equipped with a micro target for the perfect putt challenge 
• For indoor or outdoor use

Up your training with putt repetition to reduce the number of putts and see dramatic improvements to your game. The parabolic curve design simulates the exact conditions for pushing a ball into a real hole in the green. Return your putter automatically, reject the misplaced putter and keep your putter perfect. Elastomer polycarbonate and the ergonomic design folds up to fit easily into your golf bag so you can take it anywhere and fit training around your schedule. Made of high quality, elastic and translucent polycarbonate for maximum durability. Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed-great feedback for getting the pace just right.  Through golf trainer, golfers can not only correct their swing movements, make the swing more and more standard, but also let golfers grasp the strength of the putter. It not only plays the role of training, but also can experience the joy of golf anytime and anywhere. For general indoor and outdoor use. Product size and weight: 4.5x1.6x8.7 inch, 7 ounces.

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• Easily folded for compact storage and transport
• Velcro straps to secure when folded
• Carry bag included

Designed for possession in tight spaces Rondo is a game that requires quick thinking and fast feet.  The RondoRing™ quickly sets up a fixed boundary to get players involved before, during or after training. RondoRing™ folds easily and is secured with velcro straps to ensure compact storage or easy transportation.

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$71.95 Each
SKLZ Star Kick Solo Soccer TrainerSKLZ Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer
SKLZ Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer

• Maximize touches without chasing the ball
• Improve passing control and accuracy
• Improve goalie skills (punting, reflexes, and more)
• Adjustable neoprene ball glove – Fits ball sizes 3, 4, and 5
• High quality adjustable cord stretches up to 18 ft (5.5 m)
• Durable tethered waistband (fits most sizes)

Hands-free trainer allows players to maximize the number of touches on the ball with more mobility. 6' kinetic elastic cord stretches to over 18'. Neoprene waistband with hook and loop strap and clip. Durable patented neoprene glove fits #3, #4 and #5 soccer balls. Stretch your soccer skills to the limit with StarKick without chasing the ball. Practice just about anywhere to build skills, develop confidence, and improve shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control and throw-ins.

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$14.99 Each
Soccer Tennis Net w/ PolesSoccer Tennis Net w/ Poles
Soccer Tennis Net w/ Poles

• Designed for practice drills
• 2 Metal poles for exceptional strength and durability
• Guide ropes with anchors to keep the poles in place during play
• 10'W x 2'4"H
• Blue

This Soccer Tennis Set is a great way to practice ball control skills and lobbing techniques. Featuring two strong and durable metal poles and guide ropes with anchors, this soccer tennis set can be used by players to practice their finesse game. Includes 2 Metal poles for exceptional strength and durability, and guide ropes with anchors to keep the poles in place during play. 10'W x 2'4"H.

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$46.50 Each
Made in the USA
Speed Demon Step Trainer
Speed Demon Step Trainer

The Speed Demon helps increase your players' foot speed and agility, without the possibility of sprains or other foot injuries. Keeps its shape during drills, no realignment after a player runs through. Use on natural grass, artificial turf, or inside on a gym floor. Bright gold web ropes are highly visible to players. Portable, easily moved from one location to another. Dimensions: 54" wide x 14" long.

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$237.00 Each