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Gill Blue Discus
Gill Blue Discus - 2K

• ABS plastic side plates
• High quality steel rim
• 75% Rim weight
• Meets High School, NCAA, and IAAF specifications

Has the feel of a top of the line discus without the high cost. ABS plastic side plates. Steel rim with 75% rim weight. Meets High School, NCAA and IAAF specifications.

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$139.00 Each
Gill Deluxe Rubber Discus
Gill Deluxe Rubber Discus

• Solid one-piece construction
• Tough, durable rubber
• Meets High School specifications
• The Gill Deluxe Rubber Discus is an excellent choice for training
• Improve your discus throwing technique, strength and speed.
• Easy to control, so it's perfect for beginner and intermediate throwers

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