Coated Swing Chain


Length: 8 1/2 feet
Color: Red
$49.95 Each


These coated chains are perfect for adding a pop of color to any swing set. Available in 5 1/2 ft. or 8 1/2" lengths, the 3/16" chains are coated with 4 foot of bright polymer material sure to brighten up any swing set. The 3/16" chain is 4/O Aught and Grade 30. The links are 1" long and the opening is 1/2" wide, ensuring that it is compatible with most swing set hardware. 

It is essential to note that chain sourced from non-playground manufacturers may not possess quality control and may include weak links or air bubbles. Therefore, purchasing from us ensures that you receive high-quality, reliable equipment. 

These chains are sold individually, providing you with the flexibility to customize your equipment as required.

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