Deluxe Roller Racer

2 Colors

Color: Red
$129.95 Each


• Comes completely assembled and ready to ride out of the box
• Enjoyed by kids in amusement locations worldwide
• Promotes healthful exercise, indoors and out
• Hard, smooth surfaces give best ride experience
• Premium super long-lasting wheel bearings
• For ages 3-12 up to 250 lb

The self-propelled, non-motorized Roller Racer has everything you look for in an institutional activity and more. Great for elementary schools, day care centers and recreation programs. The rider is virtually on the ground and there are no sharp edges or spokes. The heavy-duty handlebar design offers additional protection for children's hands. Can be ridden by ages 3 through adult, indoor and outdoor, in races or just for fun. Propelled by swinging the handlebars, it is used in numerous Special Education Facilities for children who cannot pedal. The unique features of the Sport Model, riding without pedaling and turning on its own radius. make the Roller Racer very popular with everyone. 

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