Instant Cold Pack


$3.50 Each


• Single-use cold pack stays cold 15-20 minutes
• Squeeze to activate, no refrigeration needed
• Measures 6"x9"

Convenient and Versatile Size

The Cramer Instant Cold Packs come in a practical size of 6" x 9", making them an essential addition to any athletic trainer's arsenal, first aid kits, and more. This compact size ensures that the cold packs can be easily stored and carried, enabling quick access whenever needed. Whether it's for a sudden injury during a sports practice, a minor mishap at home, or an on-the-go emergency, the 6" x 9" dimensions ensure that these cold packs can be conveniently used for various situations. Their manageable size allows for efficient placement on the affected area, ensuring effective cold therapy and comfort.

A Must-Have for Sports and Emergencies

Tailored to the needs of athletes, the Cramer Instant Cold Packs are an indispensable companion for sports practices, games, and beyond. Designed with the fast-paced nature of sports in mind, these cold packs offer immediate relief to sore muscles, strains, and sprains. The compact size makes them a perfect fit for athletic trainer bags, ensuring that athletes can receive quick cold therapy right on the field or sideline. Additionally, their inclusion in first aid kits and emergency supplies is highly advantageous, as they can be readily utilized for injuries that require prompt attention.

On-the-Go Cooling Relief

The beauty of the Cramer Instant Cold Packs lies in their versatility – they can be used practically anywhere. Whether you're at practice, on the sideline of a game, at home, or traveling, these cold packs provide reliable cooling relief whenever it's needed most. Their ease of use and quick activation process make them an ideal solution for immediate treatment of minor injuries. Regardless of the setting, these cold packs ensure that relief is just a simple activation away. The 6" x 9" size further enhances their portability, allowing you to carry them with ease and have them at hand whenever cooling therapy is required.

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