Pony League Chest Protector - Ages 12-16


$77.95 Each


• Made of lightweight multi-layered low rebound foam
• Recommended for players aged 12-16
• Breathable Lycra® cover material helps to keep wearer cool and dry
• Removable shoulder cap with collar bone pad
• Encased sternum plate helps to deaden balls on impact
• Removable tail
• 15" Long
• Black

Made from a multi-layered low rebound foam, the Pony League Chest Protector is great for keeping players aged 12 to 16 feeling safe and comfortable when high speed pitches are tearing through the air. The foam is incredibly lightweight and flexible, and is covered with a breathable Lycra® material to prevent overheating when the sun is beating down on the diamond. The chest protector boasts an encased sternum plate to help deaden balls on impact, and it has a removable shoulder cap with a collarbone pad for additional safety.

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