Portable LED Multi-Sport Scoreboard (Indoor)

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$360.00 Each


• Lightweight design for easy transport. Recommended for use indoors
• Scores basketball, wrestling, volleyball, boxing and more. 22Wx15Hx8 deep
• Clock counts up to or down from 99:99 and scores to 199
• Includes period, bonus, and possession indicators
• Features workout/practice and circuit timer modes
• Yellow, red and green LED displays are 4”
• Scoreboard has a loud built-in horn (approximately 90 decibels).

The Sportable Scoreboards deluxe tabletop model is a portable scoreboard that employs LED (Light Emitting Diode) display technology, offering tens of thousands of hours of maintenance-free use. Super-bright, 100,000-hour rated yellow, red and green 4” LED displays. With three-digit HOME and GUEST scores capable of scoring 0-199; a PERIOD display; a four-digit CLOCK display which will count up or down to 99:59; and BONUS possession indicators. The deluxe tabletop scoreboard is for serious indoor programs. Scoring basketball, wrestling, volleyball, hockey, track, lacrosse and most other popular indoor sports has never been easier. In addition to displaying BONUS and POSSESSION, this scoreboard also displays PERIOD. The new wrestling features include BLOOD, INJURY and RECOVERY time. Uses an AC power cord.

External battery pack available HERE 

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