Rhino Skin Rainbow Dodgeball Set - 20 Pieces


$359.00 Set


• 6 ea. 6 1/4" traditional size dodgeballs (1 each color)
• 6 ea. 7" Rainbow dodgeballs (1 each color)
• 6 ea. 8" Rainbow dodgeballs (1 each color)
• 2 ea. Mesh bags

This 3-size dodgeball pack includes a total of 18 Rhino Skin dodgeballs. Made with a durable Rhino Skin coating, the Champion Sports 6 Inch Rhino Skin Dodgeball is a durable option for gym classes and recreational leagues that enjoy dodgeball and handball. The soft exterior layer and low-density foam core are lightweight, meaning these balls are easy for children to throw and catch. Pack includes six of each (1 each color) of 6 1/4" traditional size dodgeballs, 7" rainbow dodge balls and 8" rainbow dodgeballs. Includes 2 mesh bags.

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