Rhino Skin Scooter Hockey Set


$100.95 Set


6" Vinyl grip sticks meant for play on scooter boards
Indestructible RHINO Skin® coating for added comfort and durability
Lightweight and soft plastic blade prevents injury to players if hit by sticks
Includes 12 sticks (6 royal blue, 6 yellow), 1 7" foam ball (red), and 1 4" puck (white)

The Champion Sports RHINO Skin® Scooter Hockey Set is made from the same indestructible RHINO Skin® coating as our famous RHINO Skin® ball products. The foam heads are lightweight and durable, and the RHINO Skin® coating is resistant to wear and tear, while the 6" vinyl grips offer a comfortable grip for easy handling. This twelve player set comes with twelve sticks, one 7" foam ball, and one 4" plastic hockey puck.

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