Commercial S-Hooks


Size: 3/8 inch
Style: Standard
$1.95 Each


This commercial quality S-hook is expertly crafted to fasten chain to swing hangers and swing seats, effectively preventing binding. Additionally, this S-hook is zinc plated, which enhances its ability to resist rust. It’s important to note that S-hooks bought from non-playground manufacturers may contain imperfections and may not be strong enough to endure playground conditions.

Our product boasts an estimated lifespan of up to 5 years in optimal conditions and 2 years in harsh conditions, although certain factors may necessitate replacement sooner. Whether for commercial or residential use, our S-hook is an essential component for your swing set to ensure safety and durability.

Tensile Strength
3/8" Standard = 1543 lbs.
3/8" Large Opening = 1177 lbs.
5/16" Standard = 1126 lbs.
5/16" Large Opening = 745 lbs.

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