StarterBeams Beam Docks - Set of 6

Made in the USA

$72.50 Set


BeamDocks™ are an add-on option usable with all DuraTuff™ Foam Balance Beams: StarterBeams™ (GY490P), Create-A-Beams™ (GY488P), and Curve-A-Beams™ (GY482P). Docks are 10″ diameter hexagonal-shaped units. Each of the 6 sides has a round slot. All Beams have a matching slot. High-impact plastic tube pieces connect the beam lengths to the Dock. Therefore, beams can fan out from a central hub in 6 directions, or create other zig-zag beam patterns. BeamDocks™ open the imagination to dozens of different shapes and balance challenges. Why not let the kids create their own unique beams? Sold in sets of 6 colors.

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