Triplex Stealth 3-Way Kicking Tee


$10.95 Each


• Triplex™ Stealth 3-Way Kicking Tee
• Recess features a cut-away hole and scalloped edge to reduce contact with the ball
• Same onside kick notch as the Ground Zero Onside® Tee
• Reshaped middle access for squib kicks
• Green
• 6.25"L x 4.5"W x 1.75"D

The Triplex® Stealth 3-Way Kicking Tee prevents the tip of the football from touching the tee structure, helping to maximize the distance of each kick. It is popular with both college and professional teams. The ball receiving recess features a cut-away hole and scalloped edges to reduce contact with the ball, while still holding it at an optimal angle. The kicking tee has a reshaped middle access ideal for squib kicks, and it comes in a mid-tone green that blends in with grass on the field. Its design is based on the original Ground Zero® Tee, which has been used in the NFL® since 2000 and featured in Super Bowls® and Pro Bowls®.

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