Whamo Trac Ball Set


$15.99 Set


• Action Trac design for curves, throwing and catching.
• Jumbo size racquets for easy catching.
• 2 racquets and 2 special air-action balls.

Elevate your family fun outdoors with the Wham-O Game Time Trac-Ball! This classic American backyard game is perfect for all ages, including kids (8+) and adults. The set includes two large rackets and lightweight balls for high-speed launches over impressive distances.

Enjoy outdoor fun for all ages and promote physical activity with this timeless game. Play anywhere – in the yard, at picnics, the beach, camping, or family reunions. The Wham-O Game Time Trac-Ball ensures joy on the go, thanks to its portability.

Experience the original Tracball thrill with Wham-O, a trusted company known for crafting high-quality toys deeply rooted in American cultural tradition. Order the Wham-O Game Time Trac-Ball now for endless family entertainment and a nostalgic touch to your outdoor activities!

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