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Olympia Agility LadderOlympia Agility Ladders
Olympia Agility Ladders

• Improves agility, coordination, foot speed and balance.
• 20" wide x 10', 20' or 30' long
• Adjustable Slats
• Foam rubber backing to reduce shifting and sliding
• 12 adjustable yellow rungs.
• Red nylon webbing.
• Storage handle and nylon carrying bag.

This agility ladder is the ultimate footwork training device. Improve foot quickness, agility, coordination and balance. Vary the position of the ladder to work linear and lateral movements and change of direction drills. 20" wide slats are adjustable and have a foam rubber backing to reduce shifting & sliding on hardwood floors. Cross slats lie flat to reduce chance of tripping. Stores quickly and neatly in carry bag.

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