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Made in the USA
Adult Weighted Waist Belts
Weighted Waist Belts

- Fine Shot Filled for Unrivaled Comfort
- Choose from four distinct weight levels
- Perfect weight belt for conditioning and weight training
- Velcro® hook and loop fasteners
- Available in 4 weight levels and 2 sizes

Are you ready to elevate your training to new heights? These Weighted Waist Belts are meticulously crafted to empower your conditioning and weight training journey like never before. These belts aren't just accessories; they're your secret weapon to unlocking your full potential.

The precision Velcro® Hook and Loop Fasteners ensure your belt stays firmly in place during your workout, giving you the confidence to push your limits.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable shifting weights. Our finely shot-filled belts provide a consistent, comfortable fit, allowing you to focus solely on your training without distractions.

Choose from four distinct weight levels from 10 to 18 lbs, allowing you to tailor your training experience to your unique needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, we have the perfect weight for you.

Small - 6.25" high x 45" long and adjust to fit 25" to 34" waists.
Large - 6.25" high x 57" long and adjust to fit 32" to 47" waists.

Crafted with durability in mind, our Weighted Waist Belts are designed to withstand your most rigorous workouts, ensuring they'll be your trusted training companion for years to come. Ideal for All Sports: Whether you're in the training room, on the field, or in the gym, these belts are your versatile ally, suitable for athletes and enthusiasts across all sports and disciplines.

🚫 Not for Aquatic Use: While these belts are engineered for exceptional performance, they're not designed for underwater workouts. Keep them dry and ready for action!

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Pro Goalie Mask - White
MYLEC Pro Goalie Mask - White

Traditional goalie face protection with wrap-around design and back skull plate. Adjustable straps . Can be painted and personalized. 12 x 8.75 x 7 inches.

  • DESIGNED FOR STREET HOCKEY: These street hockey masks are designed specifically for street hockey and offer superior protection in a streamlined design. In contrast, the lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear and easy to see, with the bonus of ventilation holes that reduce fogging and sweating.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Adjustable straps allow for a great and secure fit. With the design of our quick-snap elastic straps, you can adjust this hockey mask to fit virtually any adult head size. With its sturdy design, this goalie mask will keep its shape even through the most challenging games.
  • DURABLE & SAFE: This hockey mask features high-impact plastic construction, designed to shield your face in all conditions, making it highly durable and comfortable for the goalie.
  • MODERN SLEEK LOOK: With its modern and sleek design, it’s a mask that you can wear with confidence even in the summer heat.
  • CONFIDENCE WITH COMFORT: This hockey gear is the perfect match for a young goalies leveling up their skills. The broad, clear vision gives them a great view of the whole area to focus on their game

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$27.95 Each
42 ColorsNFHS-Approved
Tachikara SV-5WSC VolleyballsTachikara SV-5WSC Volleyball - Royal Blue/White
Tachikara SV-5WSC Volleyballs

• Tachikara
• Sensi-Tec® composite leather cover
• Loose Bladder Construction (LBC)
• Butyl bladder
• Indoor
• NFHS approved

Show your true colors. Choose Sensi-Tec®. Everyone's favorite composite volleyball. Patented Loose Bladder Construction improves ball flight . BNow NFHS approved for high school play! Superior softness and great visibility. Please specify color when ordering

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$41.95 Each
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1 lb to 10 lbsMade in the USA
Vinyl-Coated DumbbellsVinyl-Coated Dumbbells
Vinyl-Coated Dumbbells

These Vinyl-Coated Fitbells offer a bright colorful coating that will not only complement any workout space but also provide extended durability and comfort. Vinyl Fitbells are easy to clean. Perfect for aerobics or fitness. Sold in pairs. Colors might vary from those shown in the pictures.

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Official Iron Shot
Official Iron Shot

Train like a champion with our weight accurate Champion Sports Shot Put. This all iron shot put is intended for training and made to last.

The 6 lb shot put is designed for male and female youth level practice.
The 8 lb shot put is designed for women’s high school or male junior level practice.
The 4 kg shot put is designed for women’s high school or male junior level practice.
The 12 lb shot put is designed for male high school level practice.
The 16 lb shot put is designed for male college level practice.

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Champion Sports Colored Playground BallsRed Colored Playground Ball
Champion Sports Colored Playground Balls

• Champion Sports
• Nylon wound 2-Ply playground & kickball
• 8.5" Diameter
• Available in 6 colors

The Champion Sports Playground Ball can be used for so much more than kickball! These high bouncing 2-ply balls are nylon wound and feature an easy grip textured surface. This durable 8.5" diameter playground ball is always a popular choice! Available in individual colors or a set of 6 colors (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple).

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Spalding Excel TF-500 Composite BasketballSpalding Excel TF-500 Composite Basketball
Spalding Excel TF-500 Composite Basketball

• Spalding
• Performance composite cover
• Deep channel design for superior control
• Butyl rubber bladder for air retention
• Designed for indoor and outdoor play
• Size 6 (28.5) - Intermediate - Boys ages 12-14, Girls ages 12 and up
• Size 7 (29.5) - Official -Ages 15 and up


Built for after-school practice and weekends at the rec center. The Excel TF-500™ indoor-outdoor basketball has a deep channel design that helps young ballers master their skills. The composite cover gives it the feel of leather without the break-in time.

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$31.50 Each
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6 Colors
Tachikara SV18S Synthetic Leather VolleyballsTachikara SV18S Synthetic Leather Volleyball - Black/White
Tachikara SV18S Synthetic Leather Volleyballs

• Tachikara
• Woven-Fiber v100 composite cover
• Single unit construction
• Butyl bladder
• Indoor

Perfect for institutional level play when you need high durability for multiple players. Now featuring our improved woven-fiber 'v100' composite material over a select cotton reinforcement to provide a soft and consistent touch. Built using our durable Single Unit Construction® method makes it an affordable and reliable volleyball in several team colors.

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$24.95 Each
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Low Spin Competition Plastic Discus
Low Spin Competition Plastic Discus

New to discus throwing? Try this Low-Spin Practice Discus. It features an ABS plastic shell and a steel rim. The 70 percent rim weight causes a low-spin, which is ideal for beginner to intermediate level throwers.

The 1.0 kg discus is designed for women and male junior level discus throwing.
The 1.6 kg discus is designed for male high school level discus throwing.

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ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches - Black - ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches
ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches

• No fail-million cycle button
• Heavy-duty, durable ACCUSPLIT case
• 2 Line display with cum and lap splits
• Dedicated Professional Stopwatch
• 16 Dual Split Memory
• 10 hour timing range. 1/100 resolution
• Level of accuracy: +/- 0.01 sec/hour
• 5 Year lithium battery
• 5 Year, No Proof of Purchase, Limited Warranty
• Available in 7 colors or a set of 6 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple)

No fail-million cycle button. Heavy-duty, durable ACCUSPLIT case. 2 Line display with cum and lap splits. Dedicated Professional Stopwatch. 16 Dual Split Memory. 10 hour timing range. 1/100 resolution. Level of accuracy: +/- 0.01 sec/hour. 5 Year lithium battery. 5 Year, No Proof of Purchase, Limited Warranty.

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From $24.95 Each $29.95 Each
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2 Sizes and Colors
Orange 9" Drill ConesOrange 9" Drill Cone
Drill Cones

These cones are multifunctional meaning they are ideal for a wide variety of sports. From dribbling drills for hockey and soccer players to court markings for tennis and volleyball matches, these cones are perfect for all sports! These bright durable 9" and 12" orange cones with 5" x 5" bases are made of high-impact plastic. Use indoors or outdoors. Suitable for all ages and skill levels. Available individually or in sets of 10.

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5 Weights
Synthetic Leather Medicine BallsSynthetic Leather Medicine Balls
Synthetic Leather Medicine Balls

• Thick synthetic leather cover offers maximum grip and control
• Leather cover and stitching provide exceptional durability
• Will stand up to extreme exercises
• Will last a long time and stand up to extreme exercises
• Great for cross training to improve strength, flexibility and cardio for any sport
• Available in 5 Sizes/Weights
  - 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) 6.17" - Red/White
  - 3 kg (6.61 lbs.) 7.79" - Yellow/White
  - 4 kg (9-10 lbs.) 7.79" - Blue/White
  - 5 kg (11.02 lbs.) 7.98" - Orange/White
  - 7 kg (15.43 lbs.) 8.37" - Green/White

Designed for maximum grip while exercising, these Leather Medicine Balls are made from a thick synthetic leather cover that is easy to control during your workout. As well, the leather cover and stitching on this medicine ball offer exceptional durability standing up to extreme exercises and cross training routines to improve cardio and strength.

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Made in the USA
Fitness StepsFitness Steps
Fitness Steps

Budget beating affordable steps designed for heavy institutional use. Unique, high-quality, stackable, high-density polyethylene steps for fitness programs at incredibly low prices. Because they are stackable, they take up little of your valuable floor space when stored. Rounded corners reduce the risk of injury from rough edges. Slip resistant top and bottom with eight rubber feet. 26 1/2" long x 15 1/2" wide x 4" or 6" high.

Note: This product was designed to be a stackable step for storage and not to be used as an adjustable step. Do not use over 1 unit high. Note: 225 lb. weight limit.

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From $35.95 Each
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Ball Return Putting Green
Ball Return Putting Green

• One hole 7' putting green
• Features a gravity fed ball return.
• Track allows continuous and direct return of ball with every shot.
• Use indoors or out for improving your game or just for fun!
• High quality turf simulates real grass
• Great for use at home, the office or parties
• Designed with regulation size cup and automatic ball return
• Electricity and battery-free designs uses gravity to return balls
• (Clubs & Balls Not Included).

This one hole 7' putting green features a continuous return of the ball to the putter. Balls return from cup (thru tunnel) and back and side. Track allows continuous and direct return of ball with every shot. Use indoors or out for improving your game or just for fun! (Clubs and Balls Not Included).

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$29.95 Each
Challenge Bean Bag Toss
Challenge Bean Bag Toss

• Ultimate backyard challenge
• Great for tailgating
• 1ea. 32" x 32" target
• 6 canvas 3.5" x 3.5" bean bags - 3 Red and 3 Blue
• Carry bag for transport and storage
• Target has 5 mesh pockets with graphics

Ultimate backyard challenge. Great for tailgating. Comes with 1ea. 32" x 32" target, 6 canvas 3.5" x 3.5" bean bags - 3 Red and 3 Blue, and carry bag for transport and storage. Target has 5 mesh pockets with graphics.

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$25.50 Each
Storage Bag for HoopsStorage Bag for Hoops
Storage Bag for Hoops

• Hoop Storage Bag for hoops
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Can hold up to 12 hoops of the corresponding size
• Available in 3 sizes

Easily organize and store your hula hoops with this convenient Hoop Storage Bag. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate multiple hoop sizes. This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, and can hold up to a dozen hoops.

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Spectrum Flat HoopsSpectrum Flat Hoop Dimensions
Spectrum Flat Hoops

• Six rings, one in each Spectrum™ color.
• Durable flat plastic rings are super versatile.
• Use as giant toss rings or bean bag targets.
• Also great as agility rings or in hoop activities.
• Available in 5 size.

Six rings, one in each Spectrum™ color. Durable flat plastic rings are super versatile. Use as giant toss rings or bean bag targets. Also great as agility rings or in hoop activities. Available in 5 size.
NOTE: Not eligible for Free Shipping.

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From $31.50 Set of 6
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4 Sizes
Vinyl Bean Bags (1 Doz.)(2 ea. Color)
Vinyl Bean Bags (1 Doz.)(2 ea. Color)

• Double reinforced vinyl shells with soft corners
• Filled with nontoxic plastic pellets
• Size: 3", 4", 5" or 6" 
• Pack of 12 (2 of ea) Green, Orange, Purple, Royal Blue, Red and Yellow

These bean bags are ideal for throwing, catching, and learning. Perfect for tossing games and for developing motor skills, these soft vinyl bags are rugged and hand conforming. The double reinforced vinyl shells with soft corners are filled with non-toxic plastic pellets. This set of twelve bean bags includes two each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

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From $17.95 Dozen
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Speed Stacks G5 StackMat ProSpeed Stacks G5 StackMat Pro
Speed Stacks G5 StackMat Pro

• NEW 4-Pad or 2-Pad mode
• Accuracy to 0.001 seconds
• Data port to connect to external display
• Includes G5 Timer, G5 Mat, and Gear Bag

The new Speed Stacks G5 Timer is the next step in the evolution of sport stacking. The patented four-pad activation system eliminates a whole class of scratches by ensuring that hands can’t be holding cups when starting and stopping the timer. Includes 2 AAA batteries.

Other G5 features include:

Two operation modes: 4-Pad (for stacking) and 2-Pad (for speed cubing).
Just hold the RESET button for 5 seconds to switch modes.

Reinforced button design prevents wear through from extended use

Hold-feature on buttons prevents lost times when a timer is slammed

TD cord plugs in underneath the timer so it’s out of the way and won’t get unplugged

Snap-in G5 button system eliminates timers getting knocked off the mat

Note: The G5 StackMat Pro Timer is not compatible with Gen 3 and Gen 4 mats.


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$43.95 Each
6 ColorsMade in the USA
5 inch Deluxe Poly Spots (Dozen)Deluxe Poly Spots (Dozen) - 5 inch - Orange
5 inch Deluxe Poly Spots (Dozen)

• Great for setting up training stations in gym class
• Use for teaching court positioning
• Can be used for a variety of drills and games
• Made of non-skid fade resistant vinyl
• Won’t tear or rip
• Available in 6 colors
• Sold in dozen lots only

These spots are made with fade resistant vinyl. Ideal for teacher instruction in gymnasiums, playgrounds and for organizing activity units. Sold in dozen lots only.

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$33.95 Dozen
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5 Sizes/Weights
Gel Filled Medicine Balls2 lbs Gel Filled Medicine Ball
Gel Filled Medicine Balls

• Soft, pliable exterior for easy throwing and catching
• Exceptional bounce designed for cardio training with a partner or use with a rebounder
• Roto-molded vinyl shell offers exceptional durability
• Rhino® gel offers a consistent weight while remaining soft
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Available in 5 sizes
   2 lbs - 5" Red
   4 lbs - 6" Blue
   7 lbs - 7" Green
   11 lbs - 8.5" Purple
   15 lbs - 10" Orange

This Gel Filled Medicine Ball is great for cardio training or use with a rebounder. With a soft, pliable textured exterior, this medicine ball is easy and comfortable to catch and throw, making it a great choice for training with a partner or a rebounder. As well, the molded vinyl shell offers superior durability, ensuring this gel -filled medicine ball can hold up to the regular wear-and-tear that comes from use in gyms and fitness classes.

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1-Star Recreational Table Tennis Balls - Gross of 1441-Star Recreational Table Tennis Balls - Gross of 144
1-Star Recreational Table Tennis Balls - Gross of 144

• Recreational 40 mm
• Top grade institutional ball.
• Packed 144 balls to a box
• White

Play like a champion with our One-Star Recreational Table Tennis balls! The One-Star Table Tennis Ball is a top grade 40mm ideal for recreational and institutional play. The 1-Star Bulk Pack contains 144 table tennis balls.

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$35.50 Pack
Made in the USA
Skill Spots - 9" (Set of 6)Skill Spots - 9" (Set of 6)
Skill Spots - 9" (Set of 6)

• Set of six 9" Diameter Skill Spots (1 ea. color).
• The only spot markers that get kids above the ground
• Just enough height to sense when they've successfully navigated the balance challenge, or stepped off.
• Constructed of the no-tear firm Dura-Tuff foam.
• Skill Spots are unconditionally guaranteed for 5 years.
• Use them as a unit or mix them into balance designs with our foam beams for hundreds of layout options.

The only spot markets that get kids above the ground–just enough height to provide the tactile sense for when they’ve successfully navigated the balance challenge or lost their balance and stepped off. Use them as a unit or mix them into balance designs with Create-A-Beams™ for an hundreds of layout options. 9” diameter spots. Each set includes 6 pieces in one of 6 different COLORZ.

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$37.95 Set/6
3 Sizes
Gymnic Plus Exercise BallsGymnic Plus Exercise Ball - 65cm/26" (Blue)
Gymnic Plus Exercise Balls

The Gymnic Plus Ball represents the technical evolution of the Gymnic Classic. Besides the usual features of elasticity and performance, this version provides a higher safety in case of puncture thanks to the Burst Resistant Quality material. For this reason it is a perfect tool for all applications in fitness, physical therapy, active seating.

Allows for a wide range of exercises to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and stabilization; Activate more muscles with each move and burn more calories. Phthalate and BPA free; Made from burst-resistant, latex-free, vinyl which supports a maximum weight of 270 lbs. Ages 12 and up.

In case of puncture the ball deflates slowly. The BRQ system works with max. 120 kg – 270 lbs. The BRQ quality balls are marked with the Burst Resistant Quality logo. Their specific formula prevents the ball from bursting in case of puncture. The BRQ balls have the same resiliency features as the standard quality balls.

Warning! For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

Recommended weight: max. 120 kg (270 lbs) / Tested load capacity: max. 300 kg (660 lbs).

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