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Official Wooden Discus
Official Wooden Discus

• 70% Steel rim weight
• Laminated Wood
• Brown

These Wood Discus feature a wood laminate shell and a steel rim. The 70 percent rim weight causes a low-spin, which is ideal for beginner to intermediate level throwers.

The 1.0 kg discus is designed for female and male junior level practice.
The 1.6 kg discus is designed for male high school level practice.

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Gill Deluxe Rubber Discus
Gill Deluxe Rubber Discus

• Solid one-piece construction
• Tough, durable rubber
• Meets High School specifications
• The Gill Deluxe Rubber Discus is an excellent choice for training
• Improve your discus throwing technique, strength and speed.
• Easy to control, so it's perfect for beginner and intermediate throwers

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