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Eclipse Ball Tennis Trainer

Yellow/Black 4" Eclipse Ball. Same weight and bounce as a tennis ball. Increased size slows the ball down and makes it easier to hit. The optic yellow plus the black Eclipse Ball graphics allows the player to learn to create a spin while at the same time allowing easier tracking of the ball thus creating earlier success! Inflatable valve to allow air to be added or subtracted to adjust the amount of bounce.

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USTA & ITF Approved
Wilson US Open Yellow & Red Foam Balls (Pack of 6)Wilson US Open Yellow & Red Foam Balls (Pack of 6)
Wilson US Open Yellow & Red Foam Balls (Pack of 6)

• Wilson
• Stage three foam ball
• 90mm diameter
• For 8 yrs old and under
• USTA and ITF approved
• Ideal for 36 ft courts and driveways
• Pack of 6

Foam 90mm ball ideal for 8 yrs old and under. Stage three ball ideal for use on 36 ft courts and driveways. USTA and ITF approved. Pack of 6.

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$32.00 Set