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ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches - Black - ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches
ACCUSPLIT AX725 Pro Stopwatches

• No fail-million cycle button
• Heavy-duty, durable ACCUSPLIT case
• 2 Line display with cum and lap splits
• Dedicated Professional Stopwatch
• 16 Dual Split Memory
• 10 hour timing range. 1/100 resolution
• Level of accuracy: +/- 0.01 sec/hour
• 5 Year lithium battery
• 5 Year, No Proof of Purchase, Limited Warranty
• Available in 7 colors or a set of 6 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple)

No fail-million cycle button. Heavy-duty, durable ACCUSPLIT case. 2 Line display with cum and lap splits. Dedicated Professional Stopwatch. 16 Dual Split Memory. 10 hour timing range. 1/100 resolution. Level of accuracy: +/- 0.01 sec/hour. 5 Year lithium battery. 5 Year, No Proof of Purchase, Limited Warranty.

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Robic SC500E Event Timer
Robic SC500E Event Timer

Robic SC-500E Stopwatch features 1/100 second resolution to 10 hours, audible beep confirmation with color-coded push buttons and is perfect for those events requiring basic timing. Timer is easy to use with one-step timing for all events; start, stop, reset operations. CR-2032 battery and breakaway lanyard included.

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Ultrak 460 16 Memory StopwatchesUltrak 460 16 Memory Stopwatch - Black
Ultrak 460 16 Memory Stopwatches

The Ultrak 460 is a versatile stopwatch with features ideal for most coaches yet is ideal for students and volunteers because of its ease of use. With 16 memory, users can choose to view either the lap split or cumulative split after each reading. Each reading will be held on the display for 10 seconds when the automatic split release returns the display to the running event time. Users can recall up to 16 splits both during and after event. Measures to 100 hours with 1/1000 second resolution. Lap counter to 99. Extra-large display. Lithium battery (CR2032). Water resistant. Five-year warranty. Includes lanyard. Available in black or in a set of 6 colors (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple).

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Robic SC-757W 500 Dual Memory Stopwatch
Robic SC-757W 500 Dual Memory Stopwatch

Powerful, High-Capacity Memory Recall Stopwatch offering Coaching tools for all Sports and Fitness at a great Value! Superior Quality and Advanced Timing Functions offered at an outstanding Value.

• 500 Dual Memory Recall, on demand.
• Recall previous readings without interrupting your current timing.
• Three (3) line display presents Lap, Split and Accumulated running time.
• 1/1000 second resolution to 10 hours with a lap Counter capacity of 1000 readings.
• Fastest, Slowest and Average Lap Time display, on demand
• Data log show time and date of readings.
• Dual Interval Repetitive Training Timer with Loop/Rep Counter
• Countdown Timer shows time remaining in any event; set from 1 second to 10 hours
• Electronic Tally Counter keeps track of all Counting needs up to 9999.
• Pacer, Time of Day. Alarm, Calendar, Battery Type CR-2032 Lithium

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